Exhibition “On time / Õigeaegselt”

Sööt/Zeyringer On time

Sööt/Zeyringer’s exhibition at Hobusepea Gallery in Tallinn 7.06. – 03.07.2017

Opening of the exhibition on the 7th of June at 7pm. Performances during the opening will start at 7pm
The exhibition is open 7.06. – 03.07.2017
Hobusepea galerii, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

Sööt/Zeyringer’s live performances and video works are based on movement and text which are combined in rhythmical and poetic structures. In their work they try to find beauty, poetry, wit and absurdity in every-day acts, language and objects. Sööt/Zeyringer focuses on seemingly self-evident situations that are almost imperceptible, but most of us can identify with. In a poetic and humoristic way the works turn everyday procedures and acts upside down, revealing the performative potential of simple situations. By putting these insignificant moments into a new context, Sööt/Zeyringer‘s work speaks about larger matters.

The show “On time” combines 3 performative works by Sööt/Zeyringer. At the opening 2 of the pieces are shown as live performances.

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment

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