lonely lonely @ FEEDBACK, Tanzquartier Vienna

We are showing “lonely lonely” at FEEDBACK festival at Tanzquartier Vienna.

WED 26. APR. 2017 – 16.00 TQW / Studios
THU 27. APR. 2017 – 16.00 TQW / Studios

Sööt/Zeyringer once again invite the audience to discover their unique and minimalist performance cosmos. In lonely lonely, they investigate the tension between desired and undesired loneliness, the need for human warmth and the simultaneous need for privacy. Using dry humour, subtle irony and cardboard boxes, the two performers create a rhythmic-choreographic dialogue on being lonesome and being together, while in the midst of minimalist and accurate execution, moments of surprise and poetry flare up.

CONCEPT: Sööt/Zeyringer
PERFORMANCE: Tiina Sööt, Dorothea Zeyringer
DRAMATURGICAL ADVISOR: Andrea Salzmann, Anat Stainberg
LIGHT DESIGN: Andrea Salzmann
COSTUMES: Laia Fabre
SOUND: Masha Dabelka

A co-production by Sööt / Zeyringer, imagetanz/brut Wien and Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava in co-operation with Im_flieger. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the Austrian Embassy in Tallinn and the Estonian cultural fund Eesti Kultuurkapital. Thanks to Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 and Bert Gstettner, TURBO Residency at ImPulsTanz, Studio Matsune.

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